Prunus amygdalus L.


Almonds are small trees originated from central Asia and are classified in the rose family. Botanical name means “Greek nuts”. There are known several varieties of almonds, but kernels of the sweet-almonds (Prunus dulcis L.) are most popular and contain the most part of almonds in the market. Bitter-almonds are also widely used but for oil extraction only.   

 Harvest time

Almonds burst into blossom in January and are harvested in August.

Growing area

USA, Italy, Spain, Greece, Middle East, China


Almonds are delicious snack alone, but also very popular as ingredient in baked goods, salads, pastries, cookies, candies, desserts and so on. Processing involves shelling, blanching, slicing, dicing, splitting and slivering, chopping and flaking, roasting. Extracted oil is used for flavoring, in soaps and cosmetics, and for medicine purpose.