Caraway seeds

Carum Carvi L.


Caraway is either annual or biennial plant that belongs to parsley family. Usually biennial type is grown commercially. The plant is native to Europe and western Asia. The main crop, despite the entire plant is edible, is small about 2 mm in length and oblong aromatic seeds with a pleasant spicy and fresh flavor. The aroma principal of caraway seeds is the ethereal oil, which content about 2...7 % of the seed.

 Harvest time

Caraway seeds mature unequally. They start to ripen in June and are harvested up to August of the second year.

Growing area

Eastern Europe, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada


The seeds are used whole as a spice in bread, cheeses, salad dressings and soups. The oil is applied in pharmaceutics, cosmetic industry. Some liqueurs are flavored with caraway.