Cocos Nucifera L.


It is a palm tree, from 2 m (dwarf palm) up to 30 m tall depending on variety. Commercial trees are tall mainly. Desiccated coconuts are produced from white nutmeat of fully ripe nuts. After husk and the brown part are peeled off, it is milled to chips of four types: coarse, medium (or macaroon), fine and supper fine. Then it is dried in driers. Good desiccated coconut should be crispy, white in color, with a fresh nutty flavor, and should contain less than 20% moisture. High fat product contains no less then 64% of fat.

 Harvest time

TNut ripens after 12 month after setting female flower. Harvested monthly.

Growing area

Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Papua and New Guinea, West Africa


Desiccated coconut is used in bakeries for cakes, pies, in confectionery for candies and sweets. Also is used for curries.