Arachis hypogaea L.


Peanuts are an annual plant growing 30-60 cm height. It may look a bit strange, but peanuts belong to leguminous plants, i.e. pulse family. Unlike other pulses, after one day blossom peanuts sag down and grow towards the ground and mature (it suggests other name groundnuts) about 7 cm in the ground. Native to Brazil and Bolivia, peanuts were cultivated by Incas 3500 years ago. There are four basic types of peanuts: Virginia, Runner (Bold, Hsuji), Spanish (Java, Baisha) and Valencia (Redskins).

 Harvest time

The peanuts needs from 150 to 200 days, depending on the type, before they can be harvested. It is late September-November in China, May and October in India.

Growing area

India, Indonesia, South America, China, USA


Used widely for snacks: roasted and salted, fried, in bars, in biscuits, in bread, caramelized, chocolate coated and so on. Also peanuts butter and oil are extracted.