Prunus domestica L.


Prunes are plums that were dried in the sun or special ovens. Plum tree is originated from Turkey and now has more than 100 species. However only few varieties fit for drying to plums. These are firm-fleshed and can be dried without fermenting and without removal of the pit. The principal variety is French prunes or Prune d'Agen. Prunes come to the market with and without the stone. Depending on the way of pitting there are Ashlock and Elliot types. Ashlock pitting preserves prune intact, but is applied for big and mid sizes fruits. Elliot pitting fits for small prunes and is cheaper, but damages the shape of the prune.

 Harvest time

Usually it is August in North America and Europe, and February-March in South America.

Growing area

Argentina, Chile, France, USA


Prunes are widely used in bakery and confectionery. Also very popular as a snack.