Juglans regia L.


There are many varieties of walnut tree. However these four are most popular among cultivars: Eureka, Mayette, Franquette, Payne. Tree is tall. Sometimes it rises 60 m, however usually are 12...20 m tall. Originated from South Eastern Europe. Fruits are slightly oblong, 3...5 cm in diameter. Kernels may have all amber  colors from light to dark, almost black. According to the size there are halves, pieces and halves, and pieces.

 Harvest time

Walnuts are ready to harvest when hull easily separable from the shell. From September up to November

Growing area

Widely cultivated, but main growing countries are Italy, Spain, China, India, USA.


Nuts are used in confectioneries, pastries, for flavoring, are eaten fresh, roasted and salted. Walnut oil is valuable as food flavoring and also as ingredient in soap making